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September 29 - October 1st
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3 full days of insider sales secrets and paradigm-shifting tools to dramatically increase your sales revenue and difference-making!

Hope is in the air. Things are shifting again!

Are you prepared for the massive opportunity that’s coming ahead?

If you’re one of the entrepreneurs with a compelling offer, AND you’re selling it effectively, you could double your business VERY quickly.

Especially if you’re a coach, consultant or niche service provider because you have what people really need as the world transitions again - a way to transform their lives and create positive change.

But if you’re not signing 1 out of 3 prospects, the world is missing out!

You won’t be attending “just another event”

Jennifer will break down exactly how she’s sold over $14 million all through one-on-one sales conversations and how our clients have sold over $8,000,000 in the last 16 months alone using our easy-to-follow sales conversation system! It’s time to stop chasing clients and struggling with sales. Instead, create solid sales foundations to truly make a difference and fill your business with high-quality clients today.

Join us at Feel Great Selling and maximize your sales!

Jennifer is the woman... to make you millions!

“If you’re struggling getting others to actually hire you, it’s this one thing that can make a really big difference. And Jennifer is the woman that can get you over that hump to make that happen, to make you millions.”

Sandra Yancey, CEO and Founder of eWomenNetwork

If you put your trust in Jennifer, she won’t let you down.

“I’d like to highly recommend Jennifer Diepstraten. I can tell you, she gets it, she’s committed and she’s totally there to help other entrepreneurs have the big breakthroughs that she’s had. I know that if you put your trust in her, she won’t let you down.“  

Lisa Sasevich, Creator of the Speak to Sell Formula

  • You want to make a difference so intensely that sometimes you undercut your own pricing even though you know you shouldn’t.
  • You’ve had some success with strategy sessions or sales consultations, but you're still not selling as much as you'd like to.
  • You’re working night and day to bring in new business --- OR you’ve got so much low-dollar business you never rest.
  • When the dreaded “let me think about it” comes up, you’re unsure how hard to push or the best way to follow up.
  • The idea of raising your fees isn’t even on the table but you know you’re worth more. You secretly wonder how some people are crushing it with offers more expensive (and less valuable) than yours.
  • You wish there was a simple way to attract your dream clients and get them to say YES, without feeling pushy or salesy.
  • You’re ready for a feel great, heart-centered, easy-to-follow sales approach to help you not just survive, but thrive in 2021 and beyond.

What You Will Take Away From

Your jaw-dropping offer

Five marketing essentials

Your value expanded

An authentic sales approach

Pre-consultation screening template

Artful ways to handle objections

Skyrocketing sales confidence

3 ways to ask for money

Proven Feel Great Selling techniques

Working with Jennifer, I made 5 phone calls and I had 100% conversion rate in a ten day period.

“Before I started working with Jennifer I didn’t know how I was getting my results, and boy oh boy if passion alone could make me wealthy, I would’ve been one wealthy chick. I started working very strategically with Jennifer and she taught me the value of what I have to offer – it’s priceless. I made 5 phone calls and I had 100% conversion rate in a ten day period. I pulled in $18,333.50. I am forever grateful for Jennifer Diepstraten."

Betsy Clark, Confidence Coach

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To survive and even thrive in business in this new economy, you MUST have the BEST, most relevant offers that truly serve and the HIGHEST level sales skills.

If we stay open to inspiration and ideas, we can be in a position to catapult our sales faster and farther than ever before.

Focusing on what we WANT to create, rather than being swept up by fear, is a critical element to being available for opportunities, ideas, and new clients.

This business environment, right now, is ripe with the biggest opportunities of our lifetime. Online sales are higher than ever before and the demand for transformational and revolutionizing products and services is growing rapidly.

To be a part of this expansion you must be positioned to serve your clients with great offers that clearly show your value.

When you serve your ideal clients, you make the world better. You make lives better. So you MUST look for ways to serve because the world needs you.

There are OPPORTUNITIES to make a difference and GET PAID well for what you do IF you make clear, compelling sales offers.

It’s not enough that our businesses just survive these changes. We must thrive. Our hearts and our missions CAN and WILL form the foundation of a new era of business and prosperity.

If YOU take action!

We had the highest grossing month, ever!

"Working with Jennifer gave us the ability to serve less people, but make more money, by serving the right people. Our average sale went from $167 per month to $697 a month. We had the highest grossing month, ever!"

Isaac Ho, Fitness Gym Owner

It’s her brilliance, it’s really amazing!

"I’m never ceased to be impressed at how quickly Jennifer Diepstraten grasps someone’s business, and she can, from hearing them give a few details at the microphone in a laser coaching session, she can mix their words around into the perfect sentence that just immediately conveys what they do in such a brilliant and enrolling way. It’s her brilliance, it’s really amazing."

Dr. Marny Turvill, Functional Medicine Doctor

See what students who have attended Jennifer’s event have to say…

Real Time Practice

Life-Changing Connections

Inspiring Student Stories

Laser Coaching Time

FUN & Possibility

Step 1 - Raise Your Fees without Giving Anything Away

If I were to tell you, “You can sell your offers for just as much today as you did 4 months ago,” what would you think?

The truth is, this new business environment is ripe with opportunities, if you can present an offer that’s so magnetic, your prospects can’t wait to say YES! 

In this segment, you’ll:

  • Learn EXACTLY what components create a clear, compelling offer and how to stop accidentally un-selling your ideal clients.
  • Discover how to use high-ticket selling to turn your business into a cash machine.
  • Learn how to position what you’re already doing so that people will pay you twice as much for it.
  • How to expand the value of your offer by 3 - 5 times the current price without giving anything more away.

Step 2 - Stop Pushing and be Pursued Instead!

Did you know the chances of making a sale go down by 50% every time you leave an interaction with someone?  

If you would love to bring in the new potential client in front of you, but are afraid of pushing too hard, then join me as I illustrate:

  • What to say so that 90% of your ideal prospects ask you, “How can I work with you” at just the right time (so you can make a jaw-dropping offer they can’t wait to hear). 
  • How to avoid the #1 mistake most entrepreneurs make that kills sales that should have been slam-dunks.
  • How to take back control of the conversation when prospects are looking for free coaching without being forceful or rude.
  • How to become a trusted advisor in one 60-minute sales conversation so that even “Nos” turn into raving fans.

We’ll also walk through designing the four must-ask questions you need to create massive desire for YOUR offer!

When you ask really great questions, people will literally sell themselves right into your program. I’ll teach you EXACTLY how to design those questions for your specific business.

Step 3 - Communicate Your Value with Confidence

You’ve got a lot to offer, but do you have a hard time convincing prospects to pay what you’re worth?

If you suspect ideal prospects are thinking, “I still don’t really get why I should work with you,” in spite of your best efforts, then it’s time for a total transformation in both the inner and outer game of sales!  

You’ll learn:

  • Your exact words to easily express what you do so that people get it and can’t wait to pay you for it.
  • What makes you highly attractive to your ideal client so they can easily say YES! on the spot without shopping around.
  • My tried-and-true process for how to uplevel your abundance mindset so you can uphold your fees any time you’d like. 

You’ll embody your new higher price point so it feels completely natural AND you’ll learn how to talk about it so clients will pay you handsomely.

Coming through this Feel Great Selling weekend has been phenomenal.

"I’m not a salesperson. I haven’t ever been trained in sales. Whenever I’ve had to do it, it has felt uncomfortable, especially at the point when asking for money. Just in three days. I look at selling completely differently, I look at it now as fun, being able to help someone and being able to have them invest in themselves."

Kerry Mensior, Speaker Trainer

Step 4 - Talk to the Right People at the Right Time

Need more qualified leads?

Tired of hearing the dreaded, “I need to think about it?”

Well-crafted, sales-focused marketing designed for today’s environment will dramatically elevate your leads and significantly improve your sales conversion.

In this segment, you’ll learn:

  • The five must-have simple marketing pieces that will bring you the right client every time.
  • How to put an end to no shows, last-minute cancellations, and people who just want to pick your brain.
  • 3 simple steps to engage and prep prospects before your sales call so you don’t spend all your time teaching instead of selling.
  • The art of uncovering things that people didn’t even know they wanted so that they’re even more excited to buy from you.

You’ll also receive my Pre-consultation Screening template so you spend time with only the most aligned prospects!

Your phone calls will start with the prospect saying, “I saw your content and I KNOW you’re the mentor for me!” 

Step 5 - Get paid!

Now that you see your value at a higher point and can easily communicate it to qualified, interested BUYERS, it’s time to ask for the money, honey!

Asking for money can be the simplest part of selling. Unfortunately, many people un-sell ideal prospects that should have been slam-dunks at this critical point in the conversation.  

In this segment, you’ll learn:

  • Why trying to overcome objections rarely works and how to inspire people to say Yes to themselves and pay you!
  • My process for pre-empting objections so you never have to deal with them in the first place.
  • 3 feel-great ways to ask for the money. 
  • To make a crystal clear invitation to work with you so people can say YES! 

You’ll also get my 5-step high-converting sales conversation process that’s done over $14 Million in sales!

Jennifer really accelerated my business.

“If you’re struggling to get your business numbers up, this is the place, this is the person to work with that will help you accelerate your business fast.”

Natalie Davis, Colon Hydrotherapist

I raised my 1:1 coaching rate!

"A few weeks after working with Jennifer on my sales conversations I received 2 letters of thanks and gratitude from women who had strategy calls with me. Nowadays I feel confident that every time I have a conversation with a potential client they will leave a raving fan. AND I was able to raise my 1:1 coaching rate while consistently enrolling awesome clients. Jennifer is a genius at teaching this stuff!"  

Amy Pearson, Business Coach

Whether you’re looking to grow your sales abilities or your sales team - Feel Great Selling is for you.

Let’s lift as we climb!

Just Like My Child Foundation’s Girl Power Project® is a transformational program targeting girls around the world as they enter the most vulnerable juncture of their lives: adolescence. This project steps in just as girls face the choices that will lead them to a life of early marriage, pregnancy, and disease OR a life of education, economic independence, and delayed marriage.

In 2020, JLMC achieved their dream of engaging with other partners to bring JLMC’s evidence-based Girl Power Project® curriculum to the members of the Cheyenne River Sioux reservation in the United States, multiplying the impact Girl Power has already had in Uganda and India.

Empowered girls dramatically improve the wellbeing of their families, their communities, and their countries—multiplying their positive impact on society. 

In alignment with our intention to support those who inspire us, 10% of your ticket price will be donated directly to our event beneficiary.

Thanks for lifting with us!

September 29 - October 1, 2021

Wednesday, September 29th 
8:30 am - 4:30 pm Pacific Time

Thursday, September 30th
8:30 am - 5:30 pm Pacific Time

Friday, October 1st
9:30 am - 3:30 pm Pacific Time

Yes! This is a 100% Online Virtual Event Experience - No Travel Required

What’s included with your event admission:

  • 3 days of ground-breaking sales training
  • Worksheets and templates
  • 1-on-1 Sales Empowerment Session to identify your area of greatest untapped sales potential
  • Your physical Sales Success Kit delivered right to your home or office
  • 10% of your event tuition will be donated to Just Like My Child

Plus this special bonus:

  • Create, Package, and Price Your Premium Offer Course: Package what you do into a gotta-have-it premium service or program that you love without giving any more time or freebies away ($497 value)


Conversations that Convert Coaching Call: During this pre-event group call, I’ll help you pin down the language and position your offer so that you can double your sales in every sales conversation. I want you to make every conversation a High Converting Conversation - at any offer price point! ($297 value)

$2391 Value

Your Investment: $297

Reserve My Ticket!

Jennifer is definitely one of the most transformational sales mentors in the industry today!

"Jennifer's approach is completely different and has been absolutely transformational for me. I just love Jennifer, I think she's a brilliant trainer and definitely one of the most transformational sales mentors in the coaching/consulting industry today!"

Milana Leshinsky, Scaling with Simplicity Business Mentor  

It was an eye opener!

"Queen of High Ticket Selling! You sure have the wisdom that we need Jennifer. Today, I spent hours listening to you. It was an eye opener! I have over 8 pages of notes and wrote down many of the exact words you use. You're awesome Jennifer, thanks for guiding us on our path!"

Glenn Carlson, Mind Body Spirit Mastery  

Q. How will attending this event help my business?

This event is about helping you shift at the core how you relate to sales, the value you bring to clients, and your sales conversation skillset -- thereby making you radically more effective bringing in high-quality clients. Whether you’re just getting started or have been in business many years, this event is designed to help you break through to the next level of sales results.

Q: Is this the right time for me?

I know what you’re really asking...Will focusing on sales right now really help me grow my business? Can I actually charge what I’m worth right now? Can I dare to dream even bigger?

YES! Because as soon as you dream it, it’s already possible. When you can successfully bring in new clients quickly, it makes everything else you’ve been doing pay off. It’s really the FIRST step in growing a successful business. So if you’re asking any of these’re ready. By acting on the inspiration you feel right now, you will be amazed at the new results you produce.

Q. Will there be a recording of the event?

No, we will not be releasing event recordings. The immediate benefit of attending this event will be an increase in your sales, the most important element of your business! And since even the best laid plans to watch recordings often fall through, we’ve decided to require that you participate live in order to get the massive benefit that comes from attending the training, and participating in laser coaching, question and answer sessions, and interactive masterminding elements. 

Q. What if I don’t have anything to sell yet?

You don’t have to have it completely figured out. All you need is 80% clarity on what you’d LIKE to sell and some trust in yourself that you’ve got the ability to succeed. Plus we’ve included the AWESOME pre-event bonus course, Create, Package, and Price Your Premium Offer, a $497 value at no additional charge, so you can package what you do into a gotta-have-it premium service, package, or program.  This way you can have massive sales success right from the word GO!  

Q. What do I get in Feel Great Selling?

This event is the perfect opportunity to make connections with other amazingly talented entrepreneurs across North America and around the world. And when you join us you’ll get:

  • The formula to create clear, compelling offers that sell now
  • The four must-ask questions that create massive desire for YOUR offer
  • My tried-and-true process to uplevel your sales mindset
  • The Pre-consultation Screening template
  • My 5-step high-converting sales conversation system (that’s done over $14 million in sales)
  • And much more!

PLUS you also get:

  • The top 5 important elements of my paradigm-shifting sales system
  • Easy to follow hand-outs and worksheets to guide you
  • Q&A opportunities to ask your questions
  • Interactive practice sessions to lock in the teachings
  • Mastermind time so you can connect with other participants and grow your reach
  • Your physical Sales Success Kit delivered right to your home or office
  • FUN!

And you get all the AMAZING BONUSES too for ONLY $297! 

I know it seems crazy because I’m practically giving this away! But I’m focused on making a huge difference for as many entrepreneurs as I can in 2021 and beyond!

And to make an even BIGGER DIFFERENCE together, 10% of every ticket goes to Just Like My Child.

This is a win, win, WIN online event!

See you there,

Jennifer Diepstraten helps the most successful coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs to craft and sell extremely desirable offers. Jennifer has 20 years’ experience in sales, relationship coaching, and communication studies so she understands what it really takes to inspire people to take decisive action.

As a result of her expertise, she’s sold over $14 million with her sales conversion system in biotech, medical diagnostics, and personal development coaching, as well as has created a million dollar, heart-centered company as the Founder & CEO of High Ticket Sales Success. Jennifer is a proud mom of sons ages 18, 9, and 6, and has recently moved to the mountains of southern Idaho. 

Questions? Ask us here.

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Refunds. If you cannot attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances, you may transfer your registration to another person with at least 72 hours’ notice prior to the event so we have time to transfer your ticket. All cancellations are non-refundable. With 10% from every ticket going to Just Like My Child, combined with the incredible opportunity to help a fellow entrepreneur radically increase their sales, we are excited to make a greater impact, together.

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